Welcome to Summerflute 2020!


This page will give you some guidance about the things that may help you participate fully in the movement portions of the class. For those performing, please read through to the end of this page where you will find important information about the masterclasses. We have created this guide to Setting Up Your ZOOM Space to help you prepare for the class.


In addition to your instrument and music, consider gathering the following props:

  • Yoga mat, beach towel, or blanket if you aren’t in a carpeted room. We recommend you take the class in a room with available floor space (yoga mat size or bigger) to experiment with movement.

  • Two pillows

  • Two small balls (tennis ball or racquet ball size). You can gather balls of different sizes and textures that you have around your house. If you have a kids’ super bouncy ball we will use that as well! Baseballs and golf balls tend to be too hard for the planned exercises. Our hope is that you can find balls to use without having to purchase anything special for the class. If you would like to invest in some, however, Kelly recommends these

  • A athletic or knee sock (something that goes higher than your ankle)

  • Two wash cloths or dish towels that can be rolled up

  • Two bath towels



Performers Only


  • Please send your masterclass repertoire choice to Addy at Addy will compile a list of the masterclass rep and make it available for the whole class so we can gather scores to follow along should we choose to do that.

  • In order to avoid any unexpected technology issues and to give you an opportunity to make sure you have the best quality recording possible, we would like to have you prepare a video of your performance to play for the whole class at the beginning of your masterclass time. Since each masterclass performance will be 30 minutes, plan to make a video between 5-8 minutes. After we watch your video as a class, you will have a chance to work with the teacher on your recorded piece live for the remainder of your masterclass time. Upload your video recording to an unlisted youtube link and send the link to Addy at

  • Please send Addy your headshot and a 1-sentence bio (