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Move Well Avoid Injury

The Move Well, Avoid Injury video created by Amy Likar and Barbara Conable contains 50 information rich sections (2+ hours) of what everyone needs to know about the body.

Use the code "ABME20" for 20% off the digital download (cost $20).

Flute World

Use the code "summerflute2020" to receive 20% off all music during the month of June at Flute World!

Some Resource Ideas!


Body Mapping for Flutists by Lea Pearson 


The Breathing Book for Flutists by Amy Likar 

Orchestral Techniques for Flute and Piccolo: An Audition Guide

by Walfrid Kujala

The Complete Piccolo: A comprehensive guide to fingerings, repertoire, and history by Jan Gippo


A Basic Guide to the FIngerings for the Piccolo by Stephen Tanzer