Setting up your ZOOM space

Try these ideas to set up your space for taking a zoom class or video recording for an online performance:


1. Lighting:

Generally, soft/diffuse natural light from a window will provide the best light. The window should not be in the frame behind you. Ideally, the window (or most of it) should be in front of you, which is behind your device that you are showing up on, and slightly to the side or directly in front of you. Try to avoid having beams of direct sunlight in your shot even if they are not directly hitting you, as they will still overexpose your shot. If you use artificial light, try to avoid very direct spotlight type lighting, especially from directly above.


2. Sound:

To the extent that it is possible, make sure there are no extraneous sounds in the background (dogs, kitchen noises, fans, etc). Unless you are actively speaking, interacting or performing in masterclass, you should mute yourself using your mute button. 


3. Framing: 

Frame yourself so that your head is in the upper third or so of the frame, so that we end up seeing most of your torso. If we can see all of you, even better. 


4. Position of Camera: 

Elevate the camera until it is about eye level. This can be tricky without tripods and such, so get creative with music stands, books, etc.


5. Dress: 

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in for the movement explorations.  Feel free to dress up if you are performing!