Arm Videos & Images

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Tim Lincecum- baseball pitcher, slow motion
rotations available in the entire arm;  head leading movement;  spiraling throughout his whole body;  Please note: there is a reason that baseball pitchers injure themselves. These are movement possibilities.


Steve Smith, drummer

balanced head over rocker bones; free arm and leg movement.  He’s clearly articulating!  (Carole W. - “Unique New York”). 

Rock Climbing Baby

look at the diagonal movement between arm and leg;  shoulder blade is clearly following the humerus into motion

Kacy Catanzaro at the 2014 Dallas Finals | American Ninja Warrior

former Div I competitive gymnast;  coordinated movement between her arms and legs; a grown up version of the rock wall climbing baby


Ashima - Rock Climbing
movement precision, she knows exactly which muscles to recruit to make her moves, almost effortless 


Shoulder blade movement

piano playing dancer with sensors...


Baby Reaching for Ball

can see spiraling through the torso and whole arm movement

Glenohumeral joint x-ray